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You are not fearful.  You are not stuck. You were created with a specific destiny and a beautiful purpose. At times, you may stray away from this path, left hopeless and defeated.  You may feel as though life’s journey has taken you in a wrong direction. Today is the day you get back on track to become the person you are Uniquely Qualified to be. 


Say goodbye to the comfort you built and accept the calling within.  Understand, it is not by accident you are reading the back of this book.  What has been stirring inside of you is ready to break free.  The time is now!  You are Uniquely Qualified to achieve greatness.


Dive in, as author Jacinda Jacobs shares her journey of brokenness turned answered calling.  She shares steps needed to reach your fullest potential. You are Uniquely Qualified to walk into your destiny. There is no better feeling in the world than for your purpose to be revealed, and for you to walk in it.