Is Your Dream to Be on Radio?  

Find out what program directors are looking for. develop the best on-air radio air-check. Receive tools for on air delivery and Gain experience on adobe to perfectly edit any break.

* Radio Air Check

* Internship Opportunity

* Gain Industry Insight

* Connect with On Air Talent & Program Directors

* Maximize Your Brand 



Do You Have What it Takes to Be on Television?

learn from experienced professionals who will teach you all you need to know to write, produce, interview, and perform on camera. 

* Create a Television Reel

* Learn Script Writing

* Strengthen On-Camera Delivery

* Develop Interviewing Skills

* Gain Insight to Television Culture



Do You Love Public Speaking?

Develop a strength in creating the best script. Learn the art to delivering an exceptional speech. Receive tricks learned from professional speakers on how to effectively connect with any audience.

* Learn How to Write a Dynamic Speech

* Develop Strong Delivery Skills

* Create Your Marketing Brand

* Receive Strategies to Land Speaking Gigs 

* Build Techniques to Connect with Any Audience


Throughout my media career, I have receive vital information that I simply can't keep to myself.  I have used these tools to become great at what I do.  However, it thrives me to share what I've learned with others.  My goal is to make you great, too. This life-changing information is not for me to keep to myself.  I want to invest in you just as others poured into me. As we partner together, you will learn in a few sessions what took me years to learn.  I will make myself available to you and walk alongside you in this journey.  

The first step is to set up a 15 minute conference call to discuss your dreams and find out exactly where you are.  Please have questions prepared as our time together will go quickly.   From there I will put together a timeline of goals to filtrate the best plan for your success.  My customized programs are 90 days with (2) virtual 1- Hour sessions per month. 

It doesn't matter where you live, I connect virtually with students all over the United States. 


As an intern with Fly Ty and Jacinda, I was able to learn so much about the field of media. From hosting a multitude of different events, radio shows, sitting in on news shows, you name it. While shadowing the two of them, I was able to meet professional athletes and other media personalities while going to different events. The one that sticks out the most is my encounter with future NFL Hall of Famer, Steve Smith. I can’t share the gems he blessed me with, but it's a moment that I will definitely remember for the rest of my life.

The internship helped me plan out my future, as I pursue a career in sports broadcasting. Thanks to them, I was able to graduate from UNC Charlotte with a great understanding of how the media business works.

- Jerry

FlyTy and Jacinda have (3) internship programs.  You can receive credit through the nonprofit internship only. All internships run simultaneously with college internship schedules; (Fall, Winter, Spring). These are not paid internships.

1. Media Internship- This opportunity allows you to shadow FlyTy and Jacinda through all their different media jobs.  You will be required to work while learning how to build your own brand at the same time. Flyty likes to give homework!

Jerry D., Class of 2019 UNCC

Jerry D., Class of 2019 UNCC

2. Nonprofit Internship- FlyTy and Jacinda have a Bible Study ministry called, Stolen Lunches.  With this opportunity you will lead ministry groups, bring fresh ideas to planning meetings, handle website development, social media and virtual platforms. You will develop upcoming retreat experiences, attend Bible Studies and prayer calls- All while growing & strengthening your faith walk.


3. Uniquely Qualified Conference Tour- Jacinda is an author and motivational speaker.  In this internship you will help to build and run powerful conferences while building international events at the same time.  This internship consists of event planning, social media, photography/videography, sponsorship implementation etc. You do have the opportunity to travel and earn your own income.




"During the internship, I learned a lot of things that not only help with hosting, radio and television industry, bible studies, various events but also in faith. They constantly reminded me that the work that is done is not for self-gain but to glorify God. My faith grew more and my outlook on life grew. My confidence in my own faith helped me to be able to stand and shout to the mountain tops that I LOVE GOD! I cannot thank the two of the them enough, they are truly what it means to be vessels for Christ. If you ever get the opportunity to hear them, please do not take it for granted because they truly have a story."


An internship is an opportunity to get on hand experience with your career of interest. Interning with Jacinda Jacobs I did just that, I was able to see what it was like to not only like to be on the radio, news, event hosting, etc but she taught how to do it with poise and still have some humor. Jacinda always stayed true to herself on and off the camera which made the experience so pure and genuine. This internship was not just an average internship, yes I was taught the ins and outs of media broadcasting but I took away something hung much greater. Jacinda fed my soul and the workshops I was able to attend with her taught me so much about becoming a women of class and one who loves god. I loved it and I’m so grateful and blessed for the experience.

- Alissa

If interested, please fill out the form below.

Fall Internship: Applications are taken August 1.  An applicant will be selected by September 1.

Winter Internship: Applicants are taken December 1. An Applicant will be selected January 1.

Spring Internship: Applicants are taken April 1. An Applicant will be selected May 1.

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