For a Woman

For the Women's Empowerment weekend at Greater Faith Missionary Baptist Church in Hickory NC, all the women in the congregation wore white with pink and black accents.  We were pinned with pretty pink roses and pearls, absolute beauty flooded the sanctuary.  


I wrote a poem for the occasion.  God gave the words instantaneously.  They flooded my notepad so fast it was hard to keep up.  During service, I asked all the women to stand and to take in every word.  I wanted each woman to receive these words as their own.  


After service ended I had one woman walk up and ask for a copy of the poem.  She said she needs to be reminded that she is loved everyday.  WOW! Look at God.  Answer His calling.  You never know when and how your work will be a Blessing to someone else.  




A Woman


You are strong



A flower born from a seed

You grew through grace

You stand in elegance

Exude beauty






Sometimes you cry

You shout,

You feel hurt

You wild out

You wear all hats

At times you don't know what to do, but you push forward






You are a winner, but have also lost

You stay humble

You are a teacher

You are uniquely qualified to walk into your destiny

You have a spiritual calling

A talent only you hold

Your smile is contagious-- show it more often

You create life

You are needed




You are wonderfully made

There are no apologies

You are a miracle

God's gift

You are a Blessing to those who know you

Shine brighter, and brighter, 

You are a woman

There's nothing in this world like a woman




-- Jacinda







God gave me an assignment-- Bring the word to Greater Faith Missionary Baptist Church.  Whaaaaaa?  As you can imagine I have never in my life preached or delivered the message so nerves immediately started to flood in.  Accepting this assignment came without hesitation.  I knew it was a calling and there was a purpose for the mission.  But what would I talk about?


The theme for this message was tailored around "Hope & Joy".  For the last 2 months I have had to sit in silence waiting on the Lord to give the message.  I am the vehicle, the vessel for which He will use., but what will I say?  Then it came!  The word literally fell out of my bible.  An index card I had tucked away inside the pages years ago.  On the top line it was titled, "Hopelessness".  I was led to the scripture versus and guided to the message He wanted me to share.  


Hope needs faith and faith brings joy.  I shared how you can turn your storm into joy by leaning on God. Being obedient will have God literally carrying you out of every valley. I've watched it happen, it happened to me!


Absolutely no nerves in the pulpit, just pure excitement to do His work.


The above picture was taken with all the women of GFMBC.  Thank you to Rev. Williams, Michelle, Rita and all the other leaders who were so graciously showering us with love.  Thank you so much to the entire congregation for receiving my brothers and I.  Thank you to my brothers who took off of work that day to come and support.  The experience was an absolute honor. It was a life changing experience for me.  I will never forget that day! And I have the mug to prove it------>