Flower Bloom

I bought my first house a year ago and out of nowhere a list of never ending tasks seemed to erupt out of thin air.  One of the first things I wanted to do this summer was plant flowers in the front yard.  I couldn't wait!  I always envisioned this task being so relaxing and fun.  Almost like becoming one with nature or some crap.  Until I got my butt out there myself I realized it was a full day of sweat and hard work.  Boy was it difficult!  I even had to ask one of my girlfriends to help and even still, after hours of work we only got 6 flowers planted.  It was hot, there were inch worms crawling all over us.  I broke my new hand shovel and tore through a couple sets of gloves but thank goodness we finished.  The mulch was in, the flowers were pretty and the house finally looked polished.


Then the madness started-- the flowers started to die.  Oh hecks no! After all the money and time spent on these flowers I would not have it.  Not to mention all the years of dreaming about having beautiful flowers in front of my house.  I tried everything.  I learned some flowers liked a little extra water.  This would make them stand strong and tall.  While other flowers would threaten to kick the bucket if I gave them too much water I bought a sprinkler and woke up early to turn on the water.  I bought plant food and tried to revive the soil.


Every single day I would drive into the drive way and look at these flowers.  This was my huge project—keeping these flowers in bloom, but they were wilted, half way and on the brink of dying every other day.  They look sad. I began to give up.  I didn't know what else to do.  They were no longer accents to the home.  They were eye sores. 

This entire time I have been looking at the negative.  Just like me these flowers have good days and bad days.  Some days they're holding on while others they're in full bloom.  But on one rainy, cool day this beautiful flower stood alone and was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  Guess what?  It came from my front yard. I have been walking by these flowers every single day and only seeing suffocation.  These flowers have been making me mad, so mad that I wanted to give up on them, but on this particular day someone else took notice of this beautiful flower and decided to take a picture of it.  Because of this picture I was finally able to see the beauty that had been there all along. 


Our moments of blessings are sometimes subtle and quiet. In many instances they're right under our noses.  We pull up to them every day:) 


What blessings have you been missing?